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How to install Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.1.0 Mega Menu (Unlimited Gold) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dead Trigger Mod APK v2.1.0 Mega Menu (Unlimited Gold) APK file.

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3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Are you into shooting games with a glimmer of horror then the dead trigger is the game for you. Dead trigger is an action shooting game with aspects of survival in a zombie-themed world. It’s a role-playing game where you play as the fortunate survivors of a pandemic. Players will need to stick around, battle with various survivors, and provide help for them.

With its straightforward but equally compelling gameplay, Dead Trigger offers gamers a wonderful experience. This game is best for players who enjoy experiencing life in a zombie-infested world where they must battle with the infected in order to survive. Dead Trigger is a fantastic option that you shouldn’t pass up if you enjoy action role-playing games.

Game Overview of Dead Trigger 

Zombies are fun to watch when they’re in movies but when you actually play them as a video game or mobile game it’s even more fun. Zombies are a problem in Dead Trigger MOD APK, and they spread to everyone who is still alive. It will take less time for civilization to fall. Many common citizens are attacked in the city by zombies. The majority of individuals will move to other locations after hearing the news. But as they spread faster, the zombies will attack countless people. You are the lone hero in the game and it is your job and responsibility to save the world from a zombie apocalypse and stop the disease from spreading. Get as many heavy weapons as you can and start the fight against the brain-eating creatures destroying the world.

Gameplay of Dead Trigger Mod APK Latest Version with Unlimited Money

Dead Trigger Mod APK is a horror/zombie-themed shooting game. Your main objective is to survive in the zombie-filled world. In order to survive you have to kill those affected. One animation will occur right away in the game to explain why this disease is harming people. The instruction will begin and will enter the challenging area of the game carrying the weapon. You’ll begin receiving instructions from the game on how to kill zombies. To learn how to play this game, follow the tutorial.

Each mission in Dead Trigger MOD APK has a large number of zombies. There are countless zombies coming to harm you. Compared to other zombies, some come more quickly. The faster-moving zombies can be destroyed with the available weaponry. Otherwise, finishing the current wave is simpler. To finish the task, play the game as you had intended and employ the various attacking strategies. Some people take it to ward off disease-infected individuals. To transfer to another location, complete the waves. Use the bombs and weapons to help you move further in the game.

Features of Dead Trigger Mod APK 2023


The only way to defend oneself from zombies is with a weapon. These creatures will attempt to turn you into a zombie as well, but you must defend yourself. You can fire the zombies from a distance using a variety of weapons that the game offers you. By spending a little money on them, users can also advance their weapons levels and increase their effectiveness. Use and install bombs at locations and wait for them to explode.

Different Modes

Dead Trigger MOD APK provides two different modes; campaign and mission modes.

In the campaign mode, you can finish the tasks from the campaign without ever seeing the conclusion. You can upgrade your weapons using the rewards you get for completing each task.

In mission mode, there are numerous waves and an endless attack from zombies. It is difficult to eliminate all zombies in a task while still using the necessary tactical skills. As soon as you complete the task, you can choose from a variety of rewards. These mission types are only useful for saving the remaining living people from zombies.

Captivating Graphics

Real gamers understand the value of graphics in games, and dead trigger’s success is largely due to its outstanding 3D graphics. There are several zombie-related games online, but none of them can match the aesthetics of Dead Trigger. The game also features amazing graphics, which is why it has the highest rating and most favorable online reviews.

Unlimited Money/Unlocked Premium Features

Unlimited money is the most anticipated feature in the mod app version of this game. This feature of limitless money is free to use. Whereas, you get the money after the completion of a task in the original version. You can use this money to buy as much ammo as you want and upgrade your weapons.

Furthermore, the mod app version of The Dead Trigger also provides you with premium unlocked features which let you play the game in whatever mode you want and much more.

Ads Free

Given that most people dislike advertisements, the Dead Trigger Mod version has a special feature that is an advertisement-free game. You no longer have to deal with advertisements when playing this game for a number of hours and you can continue playing your game without any interruption.

My Personal Review: 

The Dead Trigger mod APK game is a fantastic game for people who enjoy horror as well as shooting games. With amazing graphics, maps, and an incredible storyline one can never get bored of playing this game. You have to fight against infected zombies and save the non-infected ones as well as the world from the curse of the virus spreading. What makes the mod APK version more preferable is the feature that provides unlimited money and unlocked premium features. With the help of these features, you can easily kill and defeat zombies without getting bored.


The dead trigger mod APK is an amazing game with many positive reviews from gamers around the world. If you are someone looking for a good shooting game this particular game is the one for you. From captivating graphics, sound quality, storyline, and gameplay everything is top-notch. However, the most extraordinary thing about this version is without a doubt its unlimited money and unlimited ammo feature which lets you buy any weapon without any fear of running out of ammunition.


  • Is the Dead Trigger mod app game free to download? 

Yes, the Dead Trigger mod APK game is free to download and you can download it from different links.

  • Is the dead trigger Mod APK safe to download on mobile phones? 

The dead trigger mod APK game is safe to download on your phones. It is anti-malware checked and will cause no harm to your device software.

  • Do you get unlimited weapons in the mod apk version? 

In the mod apk version you have unlimited supply of money and unlocked premium features which you can use to unlock as many weapons as you want.

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