Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK (Unlimited money/Range Attack)

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UpdatedAug 01,2023
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How to install Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK 1.33.2 (Unlimited money/Range Attack) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK 1.33.2 (Unlimited money/Range Attack) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Looking for a fighting game with unlocked features, unlimited gems, and money? Then Shadow fight 3 mod apk is the perfect option for you. Download and enjoy. It is a fascinating game that has a place in both RPG and fighting classification. The game is tied in with defeating your rivals by utilizing the deadliest weapons and closing the entry of shadows.

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It is one of the most well-known fighting competitions played by both kids and grown-ups. Indeed, Shadow Fight 3 is the super hit game. The gamers participated in this fantastic game in two-layered illustrations in the first and the next part.

Nonetheless, the third part brings three-layered designs that take the gaming experience to a higher level. Different attractions of this spin-off incorporate internet-based fights, the presence of portions, strong weapons, new missions, and journeys.

This game is a hybrid of fighting games and anime/manga series. It isn’t just a fighting game yet. In addition, it is an activity anime game, where you will partake in the activity anime style and sensible physical science. Players can look over changed character classes and pick a prime example to assist them with their methodology in this game.

Shadows are adversaries that are utilized to fight against players in reality, and if you need to beat them, you want to get more grounded by overcoming rivals as shadows. To assist you with fighting against shadows, you can utilize various weapons, including sorcery spells and hardware that will help you beat your adversaries in a fight.

About Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

In this modded version of the game, two exceptionally attractive legends fight against one another. With the fame of these games, Nikki studio is currently chipping away at the third series of this game, specifically Shadow Fight 3. However, today, we are glad to present the mod version of this game as shadow fight 3 mod apk.

The obvious differentiation between shadow fight 3 mod apk and shadow fight 2 is that the fighters were like shadows in the ensuing series. Yet, in the third series of this game, they have become gorgeous and brave fighters. Numerous weapons will be available to guarantee you an enjoyable game. Additionally, the sound of shadow fight 3 is extremely model and will interest you.

The assortment of things referenced in this game guarantees you a great game. Shadow fight 3 mod apk has been downloaded and presented commonly by clients and is among the best Android games.

Basics of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

  • Eye-catching illustrations are noticeable components of shadow fight games
  • The small size of the game makes it extraordinary
  • Focus on the area of the missions and utilize extraordinary areas
  • Involving various weapons and rescuing all weapons in the shadow fight 3 mod apk
  • Capacity to pick a fighter, orientation, and battle mode
  • Matching the game mode to the genuine mode and having habit-forming gameplay
  • Have supernatural abilities and different procedures to forestall duplication and non-consistency of the game

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK

Character Customization

Shadow Fight 3 is strategic as an on-ground fighting game. Additionally, character customization will make your game more practical. You can redo your personality as you need like: the set style of fighter, change the appearance, skins, range of abilities of your player, various hairdos, varieties, and significantly more. Remember to download this astounding “sf3 Mod”.

Deal with Your Gear Collection

Shadow Fight covers a huge assortment of strong weapons and defensive layers in SF 3. Additionally, you can gather epic stuff and join and redesign it through unlimited cash.

Many Interesting Modes

Shadow Fight 3 allows you to get a wide range of modes in a game like Section, Events (Level 4+), Duel, Match, Mission, and substantially more. Every mode has its special difficulties where you can get amazing prizes. Various occasions are transferred on the week after week premise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shadow Fight 3


Shadow Fight 3 comes with a ton of benefits.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay for Shadow fight 3 has been further developed, which makes your experience a ton better.
  • Storyline: The game’s storyline is fascinating and keeps you snared in finding out what will occur next Skilled-based fighting. You can choose the person you know to have the right abilities to fight. The game will furnish you with various weapons and a protective layer that will assist you with culminating your expertise.
  • Astonishing Graphics: As the game is accessible in three layered illustrations, it presently becomes simpler and more amusing to play.


However, Shadow Fight 3 additionally has a few disservices as follows.

  • Cash Grab: The cash snatch makes it hard to go from one level to another. You want a truckload of cash to get any place in the game. It is hard to play the game after the primary part as the following sections require you to have a large chunk of change saved.
  • Duels: The duels likewise appeared to be founded on abilities, and each time you go to a more elevated level, the foes you are engaging appear to have a lot better quality of ranges of abilities, and it appears to be exceptionally difficult to fight them.
  • Controls: Many individuals also grumble that the game controls continue to stall out, and the person doesn’t appear to follow the virtual joystick.
  • Movement: The movement of the game is a lot slower than that of the foe.


Shadow Fight is perhaps one of the most famous fighting games. Shadow Fight 3 is the most recent sequel of the Shadow Fight franchise. It is smarter to download its mod apk file that accompanies it. Thus, if you are a fan of Shadow Fight, you should download the apk version to partake in this game.


Is Shadow Fight 3 offline?

No, it is an online game that requires an internet connection.

How many GB is Shadow Fight 3?

It is small in size, roundabout 55MB.

Is shadow fight 3 available for PC?

You can use an application such as Bluestacks to download shadow fight 3 for PC.