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Released onJul 6, 2016
UpdatedMay 23, 2024
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Pokemon Go Mod APK has an adventure and ample findings that have permanently been the option of gamers. During this duration, everyone prefers to take advantage of games on their mobile phones because technology improves so quickly, and people desire to play games during their free time.

Pokémon GO is a mobile game where players can capture different Pokémon and add it to their Pokédex. With an impressive number of Pokémon, you surely will not want to miss experiencing them. Simultaneously, strong point matches will constantly happen and players will be asked to participate.

The Gameplay

Having a game with experience and secrets is so enjoyable to play, so we are here to discuss Pokémon Go with all its features. This game is loaded with adventure and secrets with puzzles that you can play for hours without getting exhausted. The game elements include a few remarkable animals, which we called Pokémon. Each animal has power and tremendous capacity.

The game gives you the opportunity to catch different Pokemon. Because you want a pokemon accomplice, assuming you need to get by in the realm of Pokémon Go. It is a game that shows you a mythical pokemon at your location, and as you explore your surroundings, you will experience more Pokemon.

About Pokemon Go Mod APK Version

You can toss the Pokeball and try to capture the pokemon because they are expected to participate in fights. Pokemon Go Mod Apk offers you a modified map, so nobody can prevent you from turning into an incredible pokemon coach!

Essentially, the Pokemon GO MOD APK contains the Fake GPS MOD that will help you change your area. After utilizing this MOD, you can pick any of your ideal areas and change your GPS signs to that suitable pin.

In basic words, you can get the US-found Pokemon even while sitting in India. In addition, you can utilize your genuine achievements here without worrying about being banned. So, what’re you sitting tight for? Download the application now and obtain all these awesome features. You can also Download Sonic Forces Mod APK and Epic Heroes War Mod APK from our Page.

Features of Pokemon Go Mod APK

Get The New Season Together with Impressive Events

Players will get to experience a whole new expansion known as Season of Heritage. Each season has its various elements to encourage players to encounter new Pokémon. Alongside the new rewards this season, you’ll likewise find special occasions like the Stardust Challenge. You should gather some of these Stardust items to get great achievements.

GPS for Gathering All the Incredible Pokemons

Fake GPS is an advanced component of Pokemon GO MOD APK offering many benefits. It’s the beginning of a challenge and you want to gather all the unbelievable Pokemons without leaving your home. Fake GPS is a comfortable component that allows you to change your area with only a couple of screen taps. Additionally, the Pokemon GO MOD has a clean user interface, which has everything you need to obtain great Pokémon.

Utilize Your Genuine Record Without Worrying About Getting Banned

Pokemon GO is a cloud-account-based internet game. You can use your Google Play or Facebook ID to play the game. You can save all your gaming information, including all the Pokemon, Pokedex information, and your personal achievement. So the Pokemon GO MOD APK permits you to sign in to your authentic account.

An Outside Virtual Game with Zero Promotion Interference

Bearing interferences at the most engaging moments is hard. Furthermore, no game is more engaging than Pokemon GO. With that in mind, we’ve designed the Pokemon GO MOD APK with a 100 percent promotion-free application interface. Presently, you want a non-hindering gaming experience since this mod comprises the most up-to-date progression.

An Outdoor-Indoor Game

Pokemon GO is an outdoor-indoor web-based game where you want to get different Pokemons and utilize them in various competitions like Indigo, Johto, Kanto, Unova, and Galar associations. You can defeat all the intriguing Pokemon Master and gain different gym badges by winning these competitions.

These achievements will help you expand your player experience and your competitor list score. So, begin your Pokémon adventure today with Pokemon GO.

Partake In a Huge Virtual World Loaded with Pokémon

Pokemon GO is consistent with the bold game of life, it is intended to be played outside. It’s a basic game comprising the most advantageous game plot. You should explore your surroundings in the quest for powerful Pokemon. Soon you can fill the whole Pokedex.

It’s an excellent Android game that you can play either inside or outside your home. While exploring the map, you can wander around to find different Pokemon. Keep in mind that being inside your home, you can fight gigantic battles and competitions for procuring gaming coins. It offers you more than three different gaming modes and huge in-game online challenges to assist you with the most splendid gameplay.

 The Gameplay

You can visit the recreation area to track down numerous Pokemon and capture them. At that point, you pick a group to join and battle the adversaries in the recreation center. Pokemon Go has three factions groups and each faction has a representative color.

These are Instinct, Valor, and Mystic. They are colored yellow, red, and blue respectively. Battle unhesitatingly to bring triumph to your group. Also, find and gather little and huge Pokemon. There are various ongoing interactions for you to experience different battles with Pokemon.

Contend With Rivals

The cutthroat game gives you extraordinary encounters. Bringing an assortment of Pokemon animal groups, drawing in players to participate. During exceptional climate, the player finds uncommon Pokemon. Taking part in Raid fights with Pokémon requires fixation and exertion. Help out coaches to overcome numerous beasts.

Likewise, there is a requirement for the fortitude to arrange with one another in the Friend framework. Trade with different coaches who are sharing gifts from PokéStop. You can also choose to trade Pokemon to get new ones.

Prepare with Pokemon

Players can prepare for different battles by choosing the Pokemon most suitable for the fight. You can pick how to play as you like and contend energetically. Play with Pokemon to turn out to be more private; go with you amid the diversion. Any individual who is a mentor or a contender hero generally plays how you need.

Support strength after each match to empower the following time. Pokemon activate for amusement as well as further develop battle.

Numerous Mission

Gather Pokemon and in-game things. There are many kinds of Pokemon, including Pokemon having a place with the water arrangement of lakes or streams. Pokemon have a place with the tree framework. You can track them down in parks and fields. The Weather conditions are crucial for the appearance of Pokemon. For example, water-type Pokemon are more likely to appear when it’s raining. Fire-type Pokemon are more common during daylight.

Furthermore, things in the game cannot be disregarded. Pokeball assists you with gathering Pokemon and resuscitating them after each fight. Special eggs can be used to incubate injured Pokemon. Complete the missions well and gather numerous valuable things.

Challenge Friends in Online Pvp Matches

The fights between mentors are the most awe-inspiring. They offer many shocking and adventurous elements. Additionally, the Pokémon GO mod will consistently offer battles between players. You can choose to partake in battles against the game AI or online with other players.

The game will adjust the difficulty of each match to establish an agreeable climate for all players. Moreover, in light of the player’s position throughout the competitions, the Pokemon GO mod will have numerous unique and restrictive compensations to advance farther than at any other time.

Strikes with Friends in Fierce Battles

Pokémon GO mod apk is constantly being updated with new challenges. For players to challenge themselves and their Pokemon. These exercises challenge each player and their Pokemon to demonstrate their skills.

During the battle, it is important for the players to coordinate their attacks. Stack your attacks to create complicated combos. New battles will be continuously opened when players can join. You will have a chance to test the abilities of your Pokemon. Besides, each week there will be numerous new events universally. These are a great chance to earn rewards.

Pokemon Go Game Benefits

Adventure: This game is loaded with adventure. The GPS function causes the game to look genuine, and players will feel that the Pokémon are genuine.

Highly Addictive: Pokemon Go game is very habit-forming and loaded with secrets, and you can play it for hours without getting bored.

3D Graphics: This game highlights 3D designs and fully sensible illustrations to make the game look genuine. And the GPS arrangement of this game additionally utilizes augmented reality.

MOD Features

Limitless Money

The mod for Pokemon Go will give you unlimited in-game money. With the Pokemon Go Mod Apk Unlimited Coins perk, you can purchase anything without any lack of money.

Counterfeit GPS

This is the Pokemon Go Mod menu component that will make a fake GPS so you can go to any place you need and can move around the map without limits.

Anti-ban Feature

Pokemon Go Mod Apk also has a built-in anti-ban, which will permit you to play the game with next to no concern of getting banned.


The Pokemon Go Mod is 100 percent safe, and you can download and play it with practically no issues like spyware, malware, and so forth.


It’s an ideal opportunity to experience the great pokemon adventure with the most developed gameplay qualities. Download the Pokemon GO MOD APK from the given download button, and add this component-rich game on your cell phone. You’re simply a single move away from the fascinating features like Fake GPS, Zero-advertisement gameplay, and anti-ban feature. Also, you can utilize this game on pretty much every Android cell phone.


Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk free?

Indeed, the mod lets you play the game for free. Users need not pay anything since all the features are accessible for free.

Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk lightweight?

The Pokemon Go download isn’t lightweight and comprises around 100MBs. With in-game data, the total size is 300-400 MBs. Players might find that this game lags while playing on low-end devices; this can be troublesome. Players need to clear significant storage to install and play this game.

How to teleport in pokemon go?

Turn on airplane mode on your phone. You can turn it off after you are done teleporting. In the meantime, you can utilize the mod to teleport pokemon to any location on the map. And the work is done.

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