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Magic Portals is an addicting game that combines classical platform adventure gameplay with challenging puzzle elements, featuring portal spells which are used to teleport almost anything in scene! Opening the path to the level checkpoint.
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DeveloperAsantee Games
UpdatedJune 28, 2024
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Magic Portals is an addicting game that combines classical platform gameplay with challenging puzzle elements. Developed by Asantee, this game offers a unique experience where players use portal spells to navigate through various levels. The Magic Portals Mod APK takes this enchanting adventure to a new level by unlocking premium features, making it even more enjoyable for Android users.

Magic Portals is a captivating puzzle-platformer where players control a powerful wizard who can cast portal spells to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The primary objective is to use these spells strategically to move through different levels, collecting stars and unlocking new paths. The game is known for its pixel art graphics, which add a nostalgic charm to the modern gameplay mechanics.

Key Features

Physics-Based Mechanics

Magic Portals features physics-based mechanics that make the gameplay both challenging and rewarding. Players must use their portal spells wisely to interact with the environment, moving objects, and even manipulating gravity. This adds a layer of complexity that keeps the game engaging from start to finish.

Pixel Art Graphics

The game’s pixel art graphics are a treat for the eyes. Each level is meticulously designed with vibrant colors and intricate details that bring the magical world to life. The visual style not only enhances the gameplay experience but also adds a touch of nostalgia for fans of classic platformers.

Challenging Puzzle Elements

Magic Portals is filled with challenging puzzle elements that require careful thought and strategy. From moving giant stones to creating shields, each puzzle tests the player’s problem-solving skills. The puzzles become progressively more difficult, ensuring that players are constantly challenged.

Adventure and Exploration

The game features an expansive world with various levels to explore. Each level presents new challenges and secrets to uncover. Players are encouraged to explore every corner of the map, as hidden items and paths can often lead to valuable rewards.

Unlimited Money

The Magic Portals Mod APK provides players with unlimited money, allowing them to unlock premium items and features without any restrictions. This makes it easier to progress through the game and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

All Levels Unlocked

With the modded version, all levels are unlocked from the start. Players can choose to play any level they want, providing them with the freedom to explore the game’s world at their own pace.

No Ads

One of the best features of the Magic Portals Mod APK is the removal of ads. This ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the magical world without any distractions.

Tips to Play Magic Portals Mod APK

Master the Portal Spells

Understanding how to use the portal spells effectively is key to progressing in Magic Portals. Practice casting spells to move objects, manipulate gravity, and create paths. The more proficient you become with these spells, the easier it will be to solve puzzles and complete levels.

Explore Every Level

Take the time to explore each level thoroughly. Hidden items and secret paths are often tucked away in corners and behind obstacles. Exploring can lead to discovering new spells and gaining extra stars, which are essential for unlocking new levels.

Use Physics to Your Advantage

Magic Portals is a game that heavily relies on physics. Use this to your advantage by carefully planning your moves. Whether it’s throwing giant stones or creating shields, understanding how objects interact within the game will help you solve puzzles more efficiently.

Keep an Eye on Updates

The developers frequently update the game with new levels and features. Keeping your app updated ensures you have access to the latest content and improvements, making your gameplay experience even better.


Magic Portals is an addicting game that combines classical platform gameplay with challenging puzzle elements, set in a beautifully crafted pixel art world. The Magic Portals Mod APK enhances this experience by providing unlimited money, unlocking all levels, and removing ads. Whether you’re a fan of platformers, puzzles, or just looking for an engaging game to play on your Android device, Magic Portals is a must-try.

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