Mafia City Mod APK (Unlimited gold, money)

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UpdatedAug 09, 2023
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How to install Mafia City Mod APK 1.6.832 (Unlimited gold, money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Mafia City Mod APK 1.6.832 (Unlimited gold, money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Mafia gangs are one of the most wanted people everywhere in the world. Games based on them hold a lot of popularity among gamers. Because the genre offers so much thrill and excitement, it’s hard to curtail your emotions within the game. Mafia City mod apk is yet another modded game that offers the best features in the gangster genre.

As you can see from the name, this game surrounds itself with illegal activities and how people from the underworld operate in metropolitan cities. When you start the game, your job is to handle an entire mafia gang responsible for conducting illegal activities and spreading crime in the city. You can also take over other gangs and rule the underworld.

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The Storyline of Mafia City

Mafia City Mod APK is a modified game with a thrilling storyline to offer. You can take control of other gangsters and invite your friends to play with you. Compete with them in the underworld and beat your competitors to get to the top. There is only one rule in the game: there are no rules.

Mafia City Mod APK offline

The game has a lot of gang leaders that work against you. Your primary task is to defeat your enemies and take control of their gangs to claim your top spot. This game was developed back in 2017 and released in March. Yotta games developed the game and released its official version on the Google Play Store.

Strategy wins in the game. If you have a great strategy, you can take over any gang and control them easily. You can download the game for free on Android and iOS versions, but the Mod APK version offers all premium features.

Features of Mafia City Mod APK

A great mafia game is defined by what features it has. There are a lot of elements that you should consider before installing a game that revolves around the underworld. The graphics, sound system, characters, everything has to be top-notch. Here we’ve listed some of the top features that make the game incredibly thrilling.

Sustainable Base

Your base building is where all the gang meetings and plans are executed. It needs to be in a secret place and must be secure. The base building makes a huge impact on how successful your gang will be in the long run.

Players should keep on improving the facilities and infrastructure of their base to protect it from other mafia groups. Moreover, the base camp also has a support function to train soldiers and motorcyclists to help them fight other gangs.

Engage in Fights with Other Mafia Groups

To become the underworld king, you have to take over other territories. You have to compete with other gang members to defeat them. Make sure you have enough strength and power to fight off the other guys and claim the land. Other gangs can also attack your base. Therefore, secure your base before something happens.

Mafia City Mod APK OBB download

Use Your Gold

Possessing gold is the most powerful tool in the game. The only way you can get gold is by purchasing it. You can also win gold by playing the in-game mini tasks. Invest this gold someplace useful. For example, buy VIP status to top all the gangs. VIP gangs get priority in everything.

You can avail more resources in less time and gain more points by working less. A sufficient amount of gold is needed to get you through most levels in the game.

Easy to Play

The gameplay for Mafia City Mod APK is extremely easy to understand. The underworld politics is laid out in a simple manner. The game’s environment may be new for you, but you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Strategy wins in the game, but you don’t need to think out your every move as there are no rules. Just play the game to earn daily rewards, go to quests, and complete tasks to overthrow other mafia groups and win big prizes.

Unlimited Gold

With the Mod APK version, you need not worry about the gold. Gold is used everywhere in the game, so you’re all set if you have an infinite amount of gold in Mafia City Mod APK. No need to purchase gold using your real money. Download the free version now to get unlimited gold and conquer the underworld.

Unlimited Money

To make progress in the game cash is also necessary. You need to train your troops and upgrade your base to fight off raids. For this, money is needed in the game. So, download our modified version to obtain everything in Mafia City and win easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mafia City Mod APK free?

The modded version is free to play and has no hidden charges. You even get unlimited resources so you can take over other mafia groups. You only have to enable downloads from unknown resources so that the version can install on your device.

mafia city mod apk (unlimited gold tool)

Is the Mod APK file free of viruses?

The APK file for Mafia City contains no viruses or malware. You can download the game without any fear and enjoy it. The game comes with everything you need within the app. There is no need to install or root your device which might make it prone to viruses.

How to loot other gangs in Mafia City?

You can locate other bases on the city map and click on the “Rob” button. This will send your gang members to various bases to loot them. The troops will return to the base after gathering goods from camps.


This article clears everything you need to know before installing the hacked version for Mafia City APK. The game offers a lot of thrill and excitement. You can discover how the underworld works and how gangs operate to commit crimes. So, download the latest version of Mafia City Mod APK now; build your gang’s base, and start looting.