Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Free Reward)

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UpdatedAug 09, 2023
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How to install Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited Money, Free Reward) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited Money, Free Reward) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a sushi chef and serving delicious Japanese delicacies, Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK is the game for you. This exciting mobile game allows players to step into the shoes of a sushi chef and explore the world of sushi-making. With stunning visuals and realistic gameplay, Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK lets you experience what it’s like to run your restaurant, create new dishes, and earn money while honing your sushi-making skills.

One of the most thrilling aspects of Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK is the opportunity to experiment with new dishes. As you progress in the game, you will unlock a wide variety of ingredients and tools that allow you to get creative with your sushi creations. From unique flavor combinations to intricate plating techniques, there are endless possibilities for innovation in this virtual kitchen. Whether it’s mastering the art of making traditional nigiri or trying your hand at inventive sushi rolls, exploring new recipes is sure to keep you engaged and excited.

Running a successful restaurant requires more than just culinary skills – it also involves managing customer satisfaction and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. In Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK, players must focus on their sushi-making responsibilities and attend to customer orders efficiently to ensure a seamless dining experience. As more patrons visit your restaurant, keeping up with demand and delivering high-quality food becomes increasingly challenging.

Features of Kuma Sushi Bar Mod APK

Unlimited Money

With the mod version of Kuma Sushi Bar, players are granted access to unlimited money. This can significantly speed up your progress as you can complete tasks faster than ever, upgrade your facilities, and serve many customers.

Restaurant Management

Managing a sushi restaurant every day to progress is essential. From hiring employees to setting up tables and chairs, every detail counts. The mod version enables you to level up the status of your restaurant quickly, attracting more customers and growing your business.

Decorate Your Restaurant

Personalize your sushi bar to your taste! With unlimited money, you can decorate your restaurant with exquisite items and design it to become the best sushi place in town.


Become a Sushi Chef

The dream of becoming a sushi chef is at the heart of this simulation game. Players inherit the family business and embark on a journey to create new sushi dishes with unique flavors.

Unlock New Ingredients

As you progress on your sushi skills, you can unlock new ingredients by creating sushi at Kuma Sushi Bar. From fresh fish to exotic spices, there’s always something new to add to your menu.

Serve Customers

The more delicious sushi you create, the more customers you’ll attract. The game lets you design your restaurant, upgrade your facilities, and serve customers, ensuring they get the best sushi ever.

Outlandish Life Stories

Dive into the life stories of animal people who visit your restaurant. From tales of ancient mysteries to outlandish life stories, every character adds a unique touch to the game.


From hiring staff to cooking to restaurant management, every facet of the game has many layers. The mod version elevates this experience by providing unlimited money, new features, and the chance to unlock mysteries that the standard version doesn’t offer.

So, if you enjoy playing games centered around cooking, restaurant management, and the unique world of sushi, the Kuma Sushi Bar is a must-try. It’s available for download on various platforms, and with its mod version, there’s no limit to the fun and creativity you can have.