Block Craft 3D Mod Apk v (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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UpdatedAug 09, 2023

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How to install Block Craft 3D Mod Apk v2.17.8 (MOD, Unlimited Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Block Craft 3D Mod Apk v2.17.8 (MOD, Unlimited Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Block Craft 3D Mod Apk is a city-building game where you can place each foundation brick. This is a close simulation of construction. It allows players to begin building with individual blocks. Block Craft 3D has detailed instructions, so new players don’t have to worry if they don’t know how to do it.

The game shows the players how to choose blocks and arrange them to complete projects. At first, focus on small projects and then advance as you gain experience. In this game, your level indicates your skill level. Once players have mastered their existing level, they can begin building large structures.

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Building your own village is the objective of this game. Your farm will be built for free since the animals you get will fulfill your needs. You must build hospitals, malls, stores, offices, and more as the main character during the game. Your town grows this way.

Block Craft 3D online

Due to the excellent optimization of the Block Craft 3D games, there will be no lagging or glitches while playing it. Because this game is lightweight and fully optimized, you will have the best gaming experience. Besides the very good user interface, the game is also very easy to play. Let’s take a closer look at block craft 3D games.

In this 3D city-building game, you build a dream city in a realistic and attractive way. It allows players to construct extremely beautiful 3D structures. People who are passionate about building have a hobby and passion for it. A degree is hard to obtain, and the practice of construction is quite difficult. Because of this, people may not be able to satisfy their passion. Make your own masterpieces out of whatever interests you. Along with all of this, the works you create can be shared with others. Who knows, maybe you’ll attract a tremendous following of copycats.


Despite this, Block Craft 3D Mod Apk is not simply a construction-themed game. Neighbors, pets, and characters are still present. Through their interactions, the city will grow. Additionally, the building interaction makes the game always interesting since the buildings often change during the game. Buildings need to be considered on large maps with plenty of trees and terrain.

Construction plays a crucial role in creating a city highlight, but a city’s layout is just as important. Alternatively, if a lot of unscientific work is done here, it can quickly become a chaotic mess. In similar games like Zombie Castaways and Jurassic World, you will build a city with dinosaurs or grow a farm. Surely there is no harm in playing different types of construction games simultaneously!

You will be guided inside Block Craft 3D through several of the game’s mechanics and be asked to build a house as the first task. As mentioned above, you can choose to place a position for this house from a broader perspective. At the bottom of the screen, you can easily see the ingredients you can use once they have been placed.

You can place these squares exactly and adjacently between the blocks because they are made up of many different materials. You must also pay attention to the location of each house since each location has a particular characteristic. As you progress in levels, you will be able to build more buildings. You will receive rewards after completing a specific building.

When you understand how Block Craft 3D Mod Apk works, you will be able to build many different types of structures. From the right side of your screen, select the Build section. The buildings available for building there depend on your level. Some can be built right away, while others cannot. Your rewards are diverse, including gold, experience, and sometimes green gems. Leveling up and unlocking more elements in the game is dependent on experiencing certain things.

Block Craft 3D download

At the same time, players earn gems by completing tasks that will help them finish the assigned work more quickly. The task is to place the building correctly. You can build some impressive houses in the game by using gold coins.

Features of Block Craft 3D Mod Apk

Use Different Strategies

 The game has no limits, as you can clearly see. Build structures that are unique to you using your imagination. However, you can certainly try your best to show off your architectural skills, regardless of how you want to present the structure to you. The interior of the location would also be customizable by you, the gamer. No one else but you will be the maker and checker of the property, from the floor to the walls to the furniture. To make it as ‘just right as possible, you can even include your personal preferences and styles.

Online Gaming Mode

 Playing Block Craft 3D Mod Apk with your friends is a very exciting feature since it makes playing with them easier. The multiplayer mode of this game allows you to play with friends or other people from around the world. Visiting your friends’ villages or sharing your own is possible. Visiting your friends’ villages or sharing your own is also possible. We’re all stuck at times, so it’s great to be able to help our friends through their construction. This is why block craft 3D provides this feature.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

 It’s not easy to build your own village in Block Craft 3D, as you have to earn coins and diamonds for your people in order to do so. It takes time to earn coins and diamonds in the standard version. If you play the mod version, you will receive unlimited free coins in block craft 3D. In the mod version of this crafting game, you do not have to earn diamonds or coins because you will automatically receive unlimited amounts. You can now spend this money on anything you want in your village.

Unlock Characters

 In the Block Craft 3D Mod Apk game, there are a large variety of characters to choose from. You will be able to build your village using the specialties of all the characters in the game. To ensure that your village’s construction is fast, make sure to hire good players. There are many different animals in this game, but first, you need to build a farm before you can buy animals. In this game, some characters must be unlocked by being good at your game.

Adopt Animal

 Are animals your favorite thing? Play this game to adopt one. Whether a dog or a cat, an elephant or a bird, players have the right to raise their own pets. Generally, people have different choices depending on their preferences. The goal of Block Craft 3D Mod Apk is not to hunt monsters and other enemies, unlike other games. Instead, you must complete the best construction jobs. Design the buildings carefully and meticulously while focusing your whole mind on the construction.

Block Craft 3D APK

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Animals Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Free to Download
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • New Version
  • Mod Menu


Question 1: Is Block Craft 3D game good for kids?

Answer: Block Craft 3D game according to its App Store description, targets kids aged five and under. It probably won’t be suitable for the target age group to produce anything comparable to the examples because it will require fine-motor control and patience.

Question 2: How to change your name in Block Craft 3D?

Answer: Go to the village info page and tap “Edit” under the village badge to change your village’s name. You can change its name by tapping the edit icon. You can enter a new name by tapping backspace once you have removed the old one.

Wrapping Up

Buildings in Block Craft 3D are composed of squares. Colorful villages are created by combining different blocks. It is easy to divide the large area into different categories. It is up to you to make this wilderness bustling with a variety of works when you download Block Craft 3D MOD Apk from the wilderness with lots of trees.