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Baby Tracker – Newborn Log is an application for new parents to track their newborn baby’s feeding, sleeping, and crying patterns. Baby Tracker is a great application for both new parents and old ones.

This application can be used by the parent who wants to know their baby’s sleeping pattern, feeding schedule, crying levels, etc.

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log is a free application available for both Android and iOS. This application is an easy way to track a baby’s sleeping and feeding patterns.

Key Features of Baby Tracker  APK

• It allows users to track the baby’s sleeping, feeding, and crying patterns.

• It can be used by the parents to check if the baby is sleeping or not.

• It tracks the baby’s sleeping and feeding pattern on a day, week, month, and yearly basis.

• It allows users to track the crying levels in terms of a number of minutes.

• It helps in tracking the average number of minutes spent for feeding, sleeping, and crying every day, week, month, and year.

• It provides statistics on the total number of feedings, sleep times, and crying levels.

• It provides alerts when the baby stops sleeping, feeds, or cries.

• It allows users to customize their settings like time interval for calculating the averages, number of days to be considered for a week or a month, and number of weeks to be considered for a month and years.

• The interface is user-friendly and can be operated easily.

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