Alien Shooter Mod APK v (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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UpdatedAug 09, 2023
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How to install Alien Shooter Mod APK v50.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Alien Shooter Mod APK v50.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


A fun and entertaining fighting game from ONESOFT, Alien Shooter Mod Apk has a unique fighting style. This game is inspired by Chicken Invaders, a classic video game popular in most people’s childhood. Humanity masters technology and introduces great inventions to the universe for exploration on a future Earth.

You were sent to space to destroy these creatures by controlling a fighter plane once it was discovered that aliens had plans to invade Earth. Nothing good happens to Earth when evil things happen. Currently, players can download and access the game through different payment methods thanks to its development on two platforms: iOS and Android.

There are millions of players who are actively playing Alien Shooter, which is an emerging game. Playing this game will force you to confront a wide range of different challenges under tough conditions, which will allow you to gain access to new weapons against these aliens.

Download Alien Shooter for PC

Because this game is fully optimized, you will never experience lagging or glitches. You will never experience any difficulties with playing this game since it has a simple user interface. Let’s check out some of the best features and characteristics of alien shooter games.

As well as Zombie Idle Defense and Gang Master, ONESOFT specializes in the production of arcade games. Previously, the legendary game Chicken Invaders was upgraded as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. A compact version of Win 7 may be considered instead of previous generations of printers and computers. In spite of improvements, the gameplay still uses the old platform, although it has many improved visuals.

With a line space attack plane, you must defend the Earth against a swarm of aliens using the old-school style of the game. Your enemies will become more numerous in dangerous conditions as you advance. A spaceship can also be improved, weapons can be used, and skills can be employed.

Gameplay OF Alien Shooter Mod APK

A classic shooting game that has become a typical game for generations, Alien Shooter Mod Apk is considered one of the best shooting games in the world. As ONESOFT is known for its top trending games, this game is provided by them. Moreover, it is known for its various spaceships.

When an allied ship and an enemy ship are present, the player has a clear choice. Essentially, all that’s different between the two sides are their styles, appearances, and functional abilities. Your mission in the game is to protect the world from the aliens as the last survivor of your crew.

Your teammates were all sacrificed during the fight, and now you are the last hope for Earth. Also, this type of game does not have any pressure, and the main objective is to beat the high score. Even in the modern age, you’re sure to enjoy this classic game. You can also Download Falcon Squad Mod APK from Our Site as well.

Definitely one of the most exciting shooting games, Alien Shooter Mod Apk is. The craftsmen will automatically fire endless bullets when you engage in battle, and you will have simple controls at your disposal. The craftsmen cannot move on their own, however. They need touching and holding.

Alien Shooter APK

The game also offers players various modes like 1v1 and 3v3 as well as boss raids. If you accomplish your goals, you will receive rewards. You have to destroy all the monsters in space since they are destructive, but there are many dangers in space. It may seem like a heavy responsibility, but teammates will be there to help.

Try to keep away from the aliens in the game by moving around. When the aliens attack, a duck to the side, rather than rushing ahead.

Your fighter has created space for many dangerous situations in which it is driving. Just because it is beautiful does not mean it is a support item. Collisions with missiles and enemies will adversely affect fighter aircraft. It is best to keep a safe distance and attack.

In the special or difficult modes, there are several gates in each stage, including the boss. Using gold or diamonds will revive you if you’re defeated at the last moment. From the very first step of the game, you will have unlimited money, and you can use it whatever way you want.


Collect more Supportive Items

Support items will descend from above during the battle for a short period of time. Player upgrades, weapons, and shields can be enhanced by them. Therefore, you will be able to utilize them during combat. However, collecting support items will be difficult if the player is not able to dodge the enemy’s “rain of bullets”. Make sure you consider each move carefully.

Additionally, players will receive gold when they win a game screen. Prior to each battle, they improve the player’s advantage by upgrading the weapon’s basic stats.

Unlock New Spaceship

The enemies become stronger as the levels progress, so becoming stronger for yourself is the only feasible option. Enhance your weapons and defenses, and you’ll have more confidence on the battlefield. You can improve the weapons in the game too. You can use new, more advanced spaceships in Alien Shooter Mod Apk. There is an in-game currency you can purchase upgrades for in order to level up their fighting styles.

Defeat Big Boss

There are more than 160 levels in Hack Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, which have a variety of dramatic effects. Several interesting tasks await you each day. Levels like the meteor shower screen require quick reactions, such as dodging or destroying fire in order to win. You must use your firepower and skills to defeat the bosses at the end of each level, which is a special feature of each level.

Alien Shooter free

Unlimited Crystals

Because you need to complete missions and levels before you can earn a decent amount of crystals in this game, you can earn only a limited amount. Since they will never run out, you can use the Alien Shooter Mod Apk of this game without any restrictions because there is an unlimited amount of crystals available. 

Unlimited Gold

With this game, you can get new spacecraft by using gold. However, in the standard version, you have to kill aliens to get them. The mod version requires no effort since the unlimited gold you get will let you buy any spacecraft you want. Gold will be unlimited in the mod version.

Upgrade your Weapons

As well as vehicles and weapons, the game provides gold coins for players to own. In terms of speed, mobility, and firepower, spaceships bought with large sums of money will have more powerful features. As a result, you should not neglect to launch new spacecraft when it is economically feasible. Nevertheless, if you simply want to own the spacecraft collections for free. In this article, the Alien Shooter Mod Apk would be your best choice.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Vip Unlocked

Free Shopping

All Ships Unlocked

Unlimited Everything

Free to Download

God Mode

High Damage

Free Buy Gold


Question 1: How to Unlock All SpaceShips in Alien Shooter Game?

Answer: If you want to Unlock All Spaceships in the game, then I recommend you to try the mod version. This mod version comes with many premium features like Unlimited Gold, and all Spaceships are already Unlocked for free. So the mod version is the best option for you|

Wrapping Up

The unlimited money feature in the Mod version of Galaxy Attack will be very attractive to players, and they will also be able to unlock new spaceships. Additionally, gamers will be able to upgrade weapons to be more powerful and unlock new weapons.

The game is a relaxing experience that will help players have a relaxing time playing. Experience the battles with attractive alien creatures when you download Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Mod Apk.